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Sky Link TV’s ALL-NEW celebrity game show, Fighting Men (Aka: The Phone) is premiering on July 15th!


Fighting Men is a Chinese celebrity game show featuring six famous actors by completing exciting missions at a city landmark in order to win the race.  The all-new variety show will be first broadcast on Friday, July 15th in China, and Sky Link TV is proud to present this show with same-day broadcast to the viewers in Northern America.  Each episode the six actors will begin their adventures by taking challenges from “a mysterious man”, in order to pass the game, they have to team up and complete the mission cooperatively.   The show is fun and entertaining to the viewers of all ages, and it will also bringing all kinds of excitement by watching how these celebrities are going to complete their tasks.  Guess who will be the ‘“real man” on this show? Starting on July 15th, be sure tune-in on Sky Link TV Fridays at 9pm to find out!





北美的觀眾朋友們有福啦! 天下衛視將於7月15日晚上9時與國內同步播出明星競技真人秀《我們戰鬥吧》!這部全程啟用海外頂尖拍攝團隊的年度綜藝真人秀,集結了目前亞洲最熱門,人氣最高的六位新晉男神, 他們分別是井柏然,蕭敬騰,王凱,白敬亭,王嘉爾,以及楊爍。節目沿襲歐美大片製作手法,每集由這六位超高顏值,超高人氣的實力男神和最強鮮肉所組成的男神戰隊將會與節目中的『神秘人』鬥智鬥勇,通過挑戰各自艱險刺激的任務和考驗,他們將一次又一次的突破自我,實現蛻變,成為真正意義上的『男神』。 天下衛視與江蘇衛視進行同步播出,7月15日起每週五晚上9時,與男神一起戰鬥吧!精彩不容錯過!



三藩市台 (週三) 首播 21:00 


三藩市台 (週四) 首播 21:00 

A new food & celebrity show, Yummy Yummy is now airing Wednesdays at 9pm!


Each episode, this amazing food show brings together all the top celebrities and idols from Asia to compete for different tasks. The show will not just brings you the chef's tips and recipes, but also with interviews with different celebrity foodies and exciting competitions!

It’s time for some good laughs! Be sure to tune-in for Selfie Battle Thursdays at 9pm!


Are you a selfie guru? Do you know what the secret technique of taking a perfect selfie is? Watch Sky Link TV's new variety show, Selfie Battle to find out! This show is hilarious and it brings you all kinds of funny & entertaining selfie-taking competition in each episode.  Need a good laugh? This show is a must-see!



國語一台 (週六) 首播 21:00-23:00

粵語二台 (週六) 首播 21:00-23:00

無線三台 (週六) 首播 21:00-23:00

三藩市台 (週六) 首播 21:00-23:00





三藩市台 (週三、四) 首播 21:00-22:00


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