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Sky Link TV Newsletter June 2016

Sky Link TV’s in-depth news program, Bay Area Today is now on LeTV!

We’re so excited to announce that Bay Area Today, a weekly in-depth news program produced locally here in Sky Link San Francisco, is now available on LeTV Box. LeTV box is a smart TV operating system that allows viewers to watch their favorite programming on-demand. Besides LeTV box, the show is also available to watch on Sky Link TV’s website and YouTube Channel. Bay Area Today airs every Sunday at 7:30pm with Cantonese and every Saturday at 5:30pm with Mandarin.


It’s time for some good laughs! Be sure to tune-in for Selfie Battle Thursdays at 9pm!

Are you a selfie guru? Do you know what the secret technique of taking a perfect selfie is? Watch Sky Link TV's new variety show, Selfie Battle to find out! This show is hilarious and it brings you all kinds of funny & entertaining selfie-taking competition in each episode. Need a good laugh? This show is a must-see!


A new food & celebrity show, Yummy Yummy is now airing Wednesdays at 9pm!

Each episode, this amazing food show brings together all the top celebrities and idols from Asia to compete for different tasks. The show will not just brings you the chef's tips and recipes, but also with interviews with different celebrity foodies and exciting competitions!


Introducing Ken and Bear: They are now bringing you a one-of-a-kind weekly educational tips!

Every week, two talented and humor YouTuber, Ken and Bear will brings you a short & entertaining educational message on Sky Link TV. Topics are including all kinds of things that you should know from electric safety, energy efficient to personal safety etc. Ken and Bear will be working with PG&E and using a fun and interactive way to educate people about all these important topics, especially to the things that people usually doesn’t pay enough attention to but it’s fairly important to our daily lives. Besides airing on Sky Link TV, it’s also available to watch on Sky Link TV’s facebook page ( and YouTube Channel.


Research: Our recent QR Code Survey results

For the past Father’s Day, Sky Link TV gave away hundreds of gift cards to our viewers as Father’s Day appreciation to all the Dads. By receiving these gift cards, winners can enjoy the discounts by trying the food/products or using the services from the local Bay Area businesses, categories from restaurants, cosmetics and concert tickets, etc. From this event, we also conducted a QR code survey with our viewers, and it gives us a better understanding about their watching habits and age range.

Here are some of the open feedbacks that we also received from our viewers:

  • Hope Sky Link TV can do more Cantonese program.

  • I love the game shows, the movies, and the drama series!

  • I think Bay Area Today is very good show.

  • Love the food shows.

  • I am always watching Sky Link TV every day.

  • I love the variety and time slots.


Stay tuned for our ALL-NEW food & travel show, Out of the Kitchen is coming soon!

Another new show produced here locally in San Francisco, Out of the Kitchen follows two female hosts, Gigi and Cici, who explore various food establishments in the San Francisco Bay Area, experiencing the many diverse cuisines and learning about the different cultures. Each episode Gigi will visit a fine-dining, Western restaurant and Cici will visit an Asian restaurant with a unique story of serving a unique dish.

The chefs will create a personal favorite/signature dish for our audience and explain their choice. The chefs will create a personal favorite/signature dish for our audience and explain their choice. The hosts will then speak to the Executive Chefs to ask them to share their background story, their culinary story, and their experience in the Bay Area with viewers. The show is coming up very soon, please stay tuned for more details coming your way.



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