各路廚神,再起風雲! 無論你是專業大廚還是疫情期間廚藝急升的民間廚神,都歡迎你來參加由 Tasty Select 和 天下衛視 (三藩市) 聯合打造的《識煮識食》廚神爭霸賽!11月21日前 (由於反應熱烈, 報名截止日期從11/15延長至11/21),拍攝一條1分鐘烹飪短片,主題是你的一道拿手家鄉菜。網上投票最高的10強選手,不但可以進入總決賽,有機會贏得包括數千元總值的獎金和獎品,更可以和香港藝人河國榮進行一對一訪談。喜歡美食和烹飪的你,怎麼可以錯過這個機會!馬上參加吧!特別鳴謝本次活動贊助單位 貴騰賭場大酒店 Graton Resort Casino.

👉點擊 這裡 馬上登陸報名通道👈

『Taste of Bay Area』is a one-of-a-kind cooking competition opens to everyone in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Seattle. Whether you’re a professional chef, an amateur cooking enthusiast, or just a foodie who’s passionate about cooking and tasting, as long as you’re confident about your recipe and cooking techniques – THIS CONTEST IS FOR YOU!


【How it Works】


Open to all residents of the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Seattle, if you are passionate about food in any shape or form, you have a chance to express this in our new competition The Next KOE. 

As a contestant of this show, you must:


Cook your favorite or most significant dish, the video should not exceed 1 minute long. Be sure to keep the video fun and interactive for a higher chance of votes!。


Next, your video will be published online for public voting. The entries with the most votes will be able to proceed to the next round of on-site competition. 

There, you and many others will compete for the grand prize, with 50% of the votes coming from viewers and 50% from the well-known chefs in the Bay Area. 


We can’t wait to see where your creativity leads! Have fun and good luck!


Featured Prizes: 

Best Cook: $1,000 cash & $1,000 worth of Prizes & Coupons

Best Food Taster: $1,000 cash & $1,000 worth of Prizes & Coupons

People’s Choice Award: $1,000 worth of Prizes & Coupons

3rd-10th finalists: $200 worth of Prizes & Coupons

All participants: $20 Online Grocery Store (SJ Fresh Direct) Coupon

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得票最多的前 10 個視頻將晉級到下一輪
The top ten videos with the most votes will advance to the next round !