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350 Millwood Drive, San Bruno 

🎖🎖The High School Teams that goes into the final🎖🎖

East Bay Region (TV Special)


Champion: Alameda High School

Wild Card Team:  Oakland High School



















San Francisco Region (Coming Soon)


Champion: Lowell High School

Wild Card Team: Wallenberg High School



















Southbay - Peninsula Region (Coming Soon) 


Champion: Hillsdale High School 

Wild Card Team: Homestead High School 


Scroll Down and fill out the early bird entry form for your chance to win an iPad! 

For any questions regarding this tournament, please contact Rachel Tan at

用科技實現夢想!Horizons 助你將創意變成現實!詳情點擊這裡

Judge/Advisor Committee 


Dr. George Hsu

Author / Columnist / Teacher/ Former School Principal of San Francisco Unified School District 


George Hsu grauated from Cheng- Da University in Taiwan in 1962 with a BA degree majoring in journalism. He had worked as a reporter, city editor, editorial writer and columnist for 5 years with a Taipei daily newspaper before he decided to come to United States for his advanced study.

Consequently he earned his MA degree at San Francisco State University in 1970, and then he was awarded with a Federal education Department  grant for his doctorate study in education at University of San Francisco in 1979。

During the last 35 years of his teaching career, Dr.Hsu has worked as a classroom teacher, school counselor, student dean, Assistant principal and principal at various public high schools in the city with San Francisco Unified School District before he retired in 2003.

After his retirement, Dr. Hsu continues serving as a volunteer with many local 
non- profit community organizations and enjoys his life long commitment and contributions he is still able to make to date.





Daphne Kwok

AARP, Vice President in Multicultural Leadership

Asian American & Pacific Islander Audience Strategy


Daphne's work empowers Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) to choose how they live as they age.  She brings to AARP her experience as a “leader of leaders” through her community service in promoting and empowering the AAPI community.  


Ms. Kwok was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2010 to chair his Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The Commission served as the “eyes and ears” of the community advising the President and the federal government about the issues impacting the AAPI community.  As Chair, Ms. Kwok met with AAPI communities throughout the country, connecting them to regional federal agency representatives.  This opened an opportunity for the agencies to learn about these communities and to acquaint them with their programs and services.   Ms. Kwok concluded her term as chair in May 2014 but continued as a commissioner until February 2017.




Crystal Liang

News Reporter, Sky Link TV 

Author, Teacher


Crystal Liang works at Skylink TV as a news reporter from 2016. As a member of the Hourly News Group, she covers breaking news and feature stories as well.

As a part-time book contractor, she is the co-author of a series of books named English Learning Notes of Diaries of A Wimpy Kid. It’s a guidebook with English usage and column for cultural study amending the original popular Children’s book, volume 1to 8, making it easier to read and study for English learners.

She also devoted to education as a tutorial teacher and textbook editor in Guangzhou, China. For learning English as a foreign language students, she held lectures about English learning and English literature for cross cultural study over the years.







Stephen Roddy


Professsor in Asian Studies, University of San Francisco 


Stephen Roddy teaches about the literature and cultural history of Japan and China in the Asian Studies program at USF.  He has written articles and books about tea (bunjincha) in Japan, the Chinese examination system (keju), and Japanese and Chinese poetry and fiction.


In the 1980s he lived extensively in China and Japan; more recently, in 2015 he spent six months teaching at Sogang University, and in 2016, he was a National Library Research Fellow in Taipei, Taiwan.  He is a native of the Bay Area.









Tamiko Wong
Asian Community Leader / Former Executive Director of Oakland Asian Cultural Center


A San Francisco native of Japanese and Chinese descent, she has served on the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs and on a number of boards for non-profit organizations including the OCA – San Francisco, Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, Asian Business League, and Cherry Blossom Alumnae. Wong is also a founding member of API Circle, an alliance of Asian and Pacific Islander American leaders and organizations, which seeks to bring together community on an intergenerational, multidisciplinary, and multicultural basis.

Wong has participated in the Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute (APAWLI) fellowship program, the Leadership Education for Asian Professionals (LEAP) Executive Directors Leadership Program (EDLP), and participated in a LeaderSpring cohort program as well. Wong earned her B.A. from UC Berkeley, majoring in American Studies focusing on law, politics, and public policy, and minoring in Asian American Studies and Education.  She is also a singer-songwriter and poet.










比賽簡介 Introduction






從9月16日開始,比賽將分為四輪賽事進行。每場比賽均會於電視和社交媒體上播放。10月7日總決賽當日更會開放公眾入場觀看,到時大家不但能夠現場欣賞到刺激的電視問答比賽,見證總冠軍的誕生,而且現場還有各行業優秀人士, 教育專家來和家長分享教育經驗,學生們也有機會與申請大學經驗豐富的教育專家面對面,為將來的升學作好準備。





9/16/2017 至 10/7/2017,一連四個星期六舉行, 10月7日為總決賽

場地:屋崙地區賽(9/16):Oakland High school, Oakland

           三藩市地區賽(9/23):Lowell High School, San Francisco

           南灣-中半島地區賽(9/30):Prospect High School,  Saratoga 

           總決賽(10/7): Capuchino High School

        Samuel Johnson Jr. Performing Arts Center

        350 Millwood Drive, San Bruno 








參賽地區範圍 :三藩市,中半島,東灣,聖何塞地區

報名諮詢: Rachel Tan,, 415-510-2333




第一名:四位選手連同教練每人將得到獨立獎牌及獎學金$500 (合共$2,500一隊), 還有一個獎杯給學校。 

第二名:四位選手連同教練每人將得到獨立獎牌及獎學金$300 (合共$1,500 一隊), 還有一個獎杯給學校。 

第三名:四位選手連同教練每人將得到獨立獎牌及獎學金$100 (合共$500 一隊), 還有一個獎杯給學校。 



1. 每個地區有四間參加學校,合共為12間。

2. 每次晉級採用積分制統計。

3. 每個團體須有一位教練,四名選手。

4. 參加選手必須為高中學校註冊學生。




Sky Link TV Bay Area

High School Quiz Tournament 2017


Sky Link TV is proud to present the first annual Bay Area High School Quiz Tournament. The televised tournament will be comprised of four rounds, including toss-up, quarterfinals, semi-finals, and the championship final on 10/7. 


The participated schools will faced-off in a scholastic game show format.  Students will go head-to-head answering questions in the category of Asian culture/language/history etc.


The purpose of this tournament is to provide a platform for the Bay Area High School Students to showcase their talents and intelligence in Asian culture and language, as well as building up their sense of teamwork and confidence to speak in front of the public.  On the date of the final championship competition, the event will be open to public and we will be inviting our audiences to come and watch the championship matches; the students and their parents will also get a chance to meet with the college admission representatives, administrators, professors, and enrichment teachers and gather information about student’s education needs; along with some educational workshops, guest speeches and informative seminars on site.  


Produced and broadcast by Sky Link TV San Francisco, all of the Bay Area High Schools will be invited to participate in this tournament. Each participated school will be asking to form a team of four (4) students to represent their school and join the tournament.   The winning group of students will be receiving a trophy and scholarship.  Sky Link TV will tape the four rounds of tournament and broadcast them on TV.  Each elimination match will become a 30-minutes broadcast special.


Taping Time and Location:

Eastbay Region (9/16): Oakland High School, Oakland

San Francisco Region (9/23): TBD

South Bay - Peninsula Region (9/30): Prospect High School, Saratoga


Championship Final (10/7) :  Capuchino High School

Samuel Johnson Jr. Performing Arts Center

350 Millwood Drive, San Bruno




Winning team: Each player and the coach will receive $500 cash scholarship ($2,500 for the whole team) and individual plague for everybody in the team and a trophy for the school. 


2nd place: Each player and the coach will receive $300 cash scholarship ($1,500 for the whole team) and individual plague for everybody in the team and a trophy for the school. 


3rd place: Each player and the coach will receive $100 cash scholarship ($500 for the whole team) and individual plague for everybody in the team and a trophy for the school. 


Group Registration deadline: Friday, August 18th, 2017.  Registration is free.  For any questions or submit your registration form, please contact Rachel Tan at




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